The three guiding pillars of TGC are education, leadership, and community! As part of these pillars, we pride ourselves in the fact that our older students mentor our younger students educating and empowering them to reach for the stars.

OurĀ Opening Day for 2022 was on January 3rd, bringing with it excitement and a return to in-person activities! We were joined by 35 students, many of whom participated in the opening day ceremonies including traditional dances, music, and award presentations. For the 2022 academic year, we are excited to welcome 17 new students to Grade 5.

During COVID-19, many of the Grade 5 students did not learn basic subjects as the public schools were not equipped to run virtual classes. As such, as the Grade 12 students awaited their national exam scores many are volunteering to help address these gaps and teach Grade 5 students. Earlier than expected though, we learned that all of our Grade 12 students passed their national exams beginning their continued educational journey at universities or trade schools.

January was filled with much excitement and anticipation as we start to create our ‘new normal’ amid the pandemic. As the year continues, we are excited to support our students, both new and old!