Dedicate your time. Change lives. Broaden your horizons.

The Global Child believes in engaging hard-working, dedicated, and qualified volunteers to assist the core staff of Cambodian educators in enacting its mission. Volunteers are valuable assets to TGC, directly contributing to a wide range of different goals, from hands-on teaching in the classroom to working with local organizations, to developing new projects and extracurricular activities for our students. The experience of working closely with Cambodian students brings ineffable perspective to one’s life. Volunteers leave our program with new insights, broadened horizons, and unique perspectives.

The Education Side

The Global Child relies upon motivated individuals to take on the role of volunteer teachers to provide a comprehensive educational experience to our students. Therefore, individuals who are interested in teaching must be open to taking on a variety of roles and assisting in more than one field. Volunteers are utilized primarily in teaching English classes, but also may be responsible for teaching math or science classes. Along with teaching comes the responsibility of lesson planning, conducting classes, creating exams and other assignments, and committing a level of personal dedication to students’ improvement over time. Throughout the week and weekend, there are many opportunities when students have free time, and volunteers are also relied upon to organize and work to create extracurricular opportunities such as art, music, and physical education activities and classes.

Application Process

Siem Reap is a safe community by western standards, yet prospective volunteers must remember the cultural divide they are bridging in choosing work in Cambodia. One must arrive with an open mind and remain flexible to the experience. Rigid preconceptions will bring frustration and failure. An open mind and expectations will provide an unforgettable experience.

All volunteers are required to commit to a minimum of two months. Applicants will be reviewed by our Volunteer Coordinator, Courtney Meyer, and approved after review from the Board of Directors. If you are interested in volunteering, please email Courtney Meyer at: [email protected]