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About Us

The Global Child is a nonprofit school based in Siem Reap, Cambodia that gives bright, enthusiastic, street working children, hungry for an education and a wholesome future, the opportunity to pursue a progressive and rigorous course of study in a nurturing and empowering environment.

Life at The Global Child

Follow The Global Child students through regular school activities and special events.

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Get to know the amazing teachers, staff, and administrators that make The Global Child such an exceptional and empowering place. Our staff is highly skilled in many different fields and inspire our students to achieve more.

News and Updates

Virtual Education Amid COVID-19
Khmer Times

The Global Child was recently featured in an article published by the Khmer Times. Written by our Director of Marketing & Strategic Initiatives, Elisabeth Dubois, the article highlights how TGC has responded to the drastic changes brought by COVID-19 to our learning programs and how virtual learning is helping to keep our students on track.

Changing Lives
University at Albany

Elisabeth Dubois, the Director of Marketing & Strategic Initiatives at The Global Child, is featured in an article by the University at Albany, where she speaks about her experiences at TGC and the impact that it has had on her life, career, and education. She also discusses a proposal to help students in Cambodia receive education on modern technology, including computers, internet security, digital art/photography, and videography.

From Our Community…

Our Alumni

TGC is my second family.

Sreykhouch Ni

TGC Alumni '00, Restaurant Supervisor - Globalhub Cafe

Graduates Since 2004

On behalf of one of TGC ex-student feeling so impressed to what it has been sacrificed to devote everything to help those who were in poverty circumstances. TGC has provided me a lot by providing me the best educations, the best experience of life, and has a strong motivation to encourage orphans and impoverished people in Cambodia to have a better future.

– Nop Heng ’04

When I was working at a client airport company, I was a female captain who led training staffs and first women’s who leader for Handling Agent and Aircraft janitors. Everyone always Appreciate it.

But now I’m working with Mega Asset Management as Senior Admin and HR officer with the first salary 400$ and I passed probation 3 months my salary up 500$ with allowance 25$(Tax deductions).And I cover with 3 projects such as The Food Palace project, Commercial land project and Night Market with playground project. My life is very busy of working. But I upgrade my life very fast for 2 years​ after graduation high school.

– Sopha Yat ‘??
Senior Admin and HR Officer

I got alot of educations from TGC.

– Pengkong Kan ‘??

I have learnt and gotten the benefit from TGC such as education,clothes, foods, material of study,caring.

– Leanghour Luch ‘??

Tgc is educational, helpful, full of love and respect and it’s so meaningful for all tgc’s students.

– Chariya Sat ‘?? English Teacher

My experience at The Global Child (TGC) is studying to get education and sharing to other.

– Kondara Ponleu ‘??

It was a good place to study. 

– Rithy Chhay ‘??

I learn how to be a good student.

– Sim Samath ‘??

My experience at TGC everything was good about the program of studying.

– Nat Ros ‘??

Great opportunity for kids to study

– Theary Rien ‘??
Front Desk Staff (Hotel)

I studied at TGC school for seven years.

– Sokmao Bin ‘??

Our Students

Current TGC Students

TGC Shaped My Life!

“Ut enim blandit volutpat maecenas volutpat blandit aliquam etiam erat. Vitae proin sagittis nisl rhoncus mattis.”

Sam Greene

5th Grade Student

I love my teachers!

Sarah Dom

TGC Student (4th Grade)


Total Volunteer Count

Be a Hero!

I traveled to Cambodia in 2010 as a recipient of the Minerva Fellowship from Union College, and I left the US with the intention of spending 9 months volunteering at the Global Child teaching English. In reality, those 9 months were some of the most transformative of my life, and I learned just as much as I taught. The family that makes up the Global Child, including its educators, students, staff, founders, and supporters, are some of the most kind, welcoming, and generous individuals I have ever met. They granted me the creative freedom to bring my ideas to fruition and teach not only English, but also math, science, piano, and art classes to our students. My co-fellow and I developed and implemented a Student Council- the first that the school had ever had, bringing an understanding of the constructs of student government to the school. We bonded with our students outside the classroom through coaching their soccer team, craft nights, game nights, reading and cooking together. We taught each other about our cultures, families, friends, and values. We celebrated holidays, birthdays, and achievements together, and leaned on and supported each other through challenges and losses. The Global Child family holds such a special place in my heart. The experience transcended those 9 months and continues to shape the person that I am today.
– Elizabeth Osborne ’10-’11

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I volunteered at The Global Child from 2017-2018. Unlike most Minerva Fellows sent to Cambodia, I have had the unique opportunity to teach these amazing students a second time, which has helped me realize how important a good teacher is. The fellowship taught me that a teacher not only has the power to distribute knowledge, but to inspire. I am fortunate enough to have found early on in my life an itch I just can’t scratch, which is design and storytelling. I think my fellowship has taught me that I do have the unique ability to inspire others, and this has become a main focus of mine as I navigate this strange thing we all call life.

Daniel Tompkins

Volunteer '17-'18

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