Newsletter Winter - February 2012


While it snows in places like Vermont, New York, France, and Japan, it remains balmy and beautiful in Siem Reap. After a flooded fall season, the dry season arrived in December. With a comfortable breeze, the students at TGC celebrated the holiday season, started soccer practice and games, and engaged in new classes like art, health, and cooking. Keep reading to learn more!

Health Class

A new health class for girls in grade 6 and 7 was started in the first week of January. The aim of the course is to provide the girls with basic information about how to keep healthy during puberty. In addition, the class serves as a mental health and general wellness course, in which we hope to encourage our female students to embrace themselves for who they are and to gain confidence. The syllabus follows the book, “The Care and Keeping of You,” a publication from the American Girls company in the US (donated by Jackie). Due to the language barrier, the course is supplemented with worksheets with the main topics in both English and Khmer, as well as videos in Khmer from the local NGO umbrella organization, ConCERT. So far so good; the course will continue through March.

Volunteer Art Class and Small Art School

Srey Am amongst the artworCarolyn, a long-term volunteer, taught Grade 6 and 7 art class for ten weeks. Beginning with the basics of design: color wheel, contrast, complimentary colors, and shading, the students then made portraits and explored the world of color. Now, the students are learning with the help of Tomoko, an artist at the Small Art School, who teaches the students every week. The students have made very beautiful work.

New Cooking Class - Experiment Fund

TGC is lucky to now have bimonthly classes donated by the Marc Rowland “experiment fund,” where teachers or volunteers who have an idea for a one-time practical class can propose their plan and be able to host their special class. Teacher Chaylon did the first experiment class; she cooked delicious chicken and mushroom soup with Grade 7. She hopes to continue having the cooking class as often as possible. Some other ideas for the experiment fund are painting projects, a trip to the silk farm, and a trip to a rice farm.

French School Exchange Program

Our gratitude to the Exotissimo Travel Agency continues after they employed Vutha, since they recently had their tourists donate some sports equipment and school supplies. Now TGC is involved in an exchange program with a French School in France. The students in France will be learning about Cambodia and the 2 students at the Global Child will learn about France through artwork, photos, and writing. The first round of portraits (drawn in art class), photos, and writing was sent in the beginning of the New Year.

New Student Council

At the beginning of 2012, the students voted for a new student council. The new student council president is Chamrouen (Grade 7) and she can delegate some of her work to three vice presidents. Marot (Grade 8) is the vice student council president for school order, SreyKeow (Grade 7) is the vice student council president for school sanitation, and Numheang is the vice student council president for school regulation.

TGC’s Second Soccer Season!

SreySdang saves a goalEven before the fields dried, the students at TGC were ready for soccer season. The Global Child plays in a league put together by the Globalteer Organization. They play in the 15 and under division every other Sunday against other schools and NGOs in Siem Reap. Games are official and well organized, and the students have team shirts with their names, numbers, and nicknames. It’s a great way for students to meet other kids their age. Volunteers Carolyn and Eliza host practice three or four days a week, with the help of the older boys, Marot and Piron (Grade 8), and the voted team captains: SreySdang (Grade 7) and Kontea (Grade 6).

Art Explo

In November, the Art Explo Fair came to Siem Reap. It was organized to promote Cambodian artists of all kinds: fine arts, theater arts, performing arts, crafts, and sewing. Artists traveled from Battambang to Siem Reap, stopping in small villages along the way to exhibit their art. When the Fair came to Siem Reap, TGC/Joe-to-Go/Beau Fou had a display stand. The students were able to display their own art from Carolyn’s class, alongside the merchandise from Beau Fou and new fliers and information for The Global Child and Joe-to-Go. All the students were able to come and not only see their work but also learn about the art world that exists Cambodia.


Grade 6 and 7 girls and teacher Sopha in their Santa hatsTGC held the party of the year on Christmas. Loads of games were played (yam bean eating contest, musical chairs, water balloon fights), songs were sung, and students, staff and parents consumed delicious food. After the party, students were graciously invited to perform Christmas carols and karate routines at the Ree Hotel. “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” and “Jingle Bells” were hits, as were all of the skills featured by our talented students. In thanks for our participation on Christmas Eve, the Ree Hotel awarded all the students a gift of $150 (split between the students), snacks, and toys.

Trip to Tum NupBarang and Baray Lake

After the commencement of swim lessons, the students were able to practice their new swimming skills on two weekend trips. In November, kids and volunteers spent the day at Baray Lake. Hours were spent wading around; everyone was in good spirits with a big appetite for mangoes and chicken rice. In December, Teacher Sopha organized a trip to Tum NupBarang (French Dam). There, the students had a barbecue and a full day of swimming and sun.

Temple Trip with Principal Dara

Principle Dara educating the students about Angkor WatTo commemorate the beginning of 2012 and the end of the first semester exams, Principal Dara took the students to visit the Angkor Wat Temples as he does annually. Principal Dara is a knowledgeable and skilled guide and challenged the students with questions, competitive clues and activities to find around the temples. Visiting the temples with Principal Dara was a great way for the students to always remember their heritage and history.

New Walls and New Computers

Dennis painting the walls!TGC is continuing to equip with new technologies that will continue to enhance the education of our students. The shiny black computers arrived one day, creating a stir among students and staff. They have already been put to good use for research and presentations in the Health Class, and will be of further use in computer courses. They will also be helpful in a community computer course for the parents of our students and the general public; a current initiative to be implemented and takeoff in March. New computers have been graciously donated through a fund raised by Mr. Dennis, and Bonnie, Carol, and Phil at SUNY, USA. In addition to helping raise money for new computers, Mr. Dennis has also helped to paint the school walls and build a volleyball net at the Woodhouse. While the kids took their semester exams (and scored high), Mr. Dennis was busy scrubbing the walls and painting the walls white and blue and adding The Global Child logo onto the wall.

Judy’s Visit

As usual, whenever Judy comes to town, there are whispers of “A VIP guest is coming,” “Do you know who’s visiting the school?” And of course, students were correct to guess Judy would be returning to Siem Reap once again. With Judy’s visit comes exciting work with Joe-to-Go and Beau Fou, more sustainable projects for the students’ families, and of course, what has become a tradition at TGC: a pizza party!

The Giant Puppet Project 2012

Giant Puppet ProjectLike last year, children from The Global Child were again invited to join the Giant Puppet project, joining with the teacher-trainees of the Provincial Pedagogy Teacher College who also helped make Bengal Floricans in the mornings on February 16th and 17th from 2: 00 pm to 4: 30 pm. The students also had the help of the puppet Artist Groups, who are from Australia, Britain, New Zealand and USA. The kids were divided into two groups, one group was required to help finish the other parts of skins and wings of the bigger Bengal Floricans, the critical endangered species, and some kids made the smaller ones starting from the bones set up and skins made. Another group helped make puppets of scorpions together with the children from Krousa Thmey. On the second day they had to finish the other parts and start painting and coloring them to lay them to dry in the sky. They finally had a try carrying them and pictures were taken of what they looked like.

Giant Puppet Project On February 25th the Puppet Parade day arrived, with numerous local schools, orphanages, street kids Organizations and NGOs participating, along with over 450 children. The street parade began in the Old Market area and moved up the river road to The Royal Independence Gardens. More decorations and lights were installed on each puppet to make them more beautiful and fantastic. During this event, the students and staffs of TGC helped carry the puppets and walked through town, proudly displaying the “save the birds” and everyone had a great time. It was fun for all, in addition to helping encourage people to love, take care of, and preserve the animals.

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