Spring Newsletter - May 2012


The breezy season has gone, and now it’s a rainy season in Siem Reap! In spite of the rain we carry on with our mission to educate our amazing kids. The students have been working hard on their schoolwork hoping that their efforts will create better opportunities for the future.

TGC Yearly Trip to Mondulkiri

Our yearly Trip to Mondulkiri was a great success! In April, the whole school, pupils and staff, took a three day holiday to the remote jungle province and stayed in a guesthouse in Sen Monorom. Everyone had a fantastic time and relaxed. We visited a giant waterfall and splashed around. The Phnong are an ethnic minority living mostly in Mondulkiri, and wear traditional clothing made up of lots of colorful dresses, scarves, headbands and necklaces! It was wonderful to learn about another group of people by meeting them in real life, rather than reading about them in a book. We witnessed even more when we visited a traditional Phnong wedding, where we congratulated the bride and groom! Det Dam village, which is very small compared to Siem Reap, is a regular Phnong village with thatched houses.

Most people work as subsistence farmers. One of the highlights of our annual excursion was a trip to an elephant sanctuary. We walked a short distance through a hilly, muddy jungle and reached a pool by a mud cliff. Here, six elephants that have been reclaimed from difficult, cruel and unnatural labor, take a daily bath and mud-rub. You might think that the mud defeats the purpose of having a bath, but it actually keeps them cool in the tropical sunshine. We were so delighted to experience this all together and truly appreciate everyone who helped make this possible. We cannot wait until this time next year!

Children's day

The first of June is International Children's Day, and the 24 students of TGC along with 1,400 children from schools in Siem Reap, celebrated at the Santapheap Restaurant thanks to the AKTV Children's Day. Our school gave a stunning karate performance, and one of our students even sang solo in front of the crowd. Other performances included traditional and contemporary dance, group and solo singing in English and Khmer, drama and Bogota. We are thankful for the gifts from various sponsors in and around Siem Reap. We had a lot of laughs together over lunch, and took about a million photographs! For most of us, it was also the last time we spent with Xiao, Sasha and Kaylee, students from Union College 2012, and our English teachers since March. It was a fitting end to all the fun we have had together.

8th Anniversary

What a remarkable anniversary we always have every year. This year was TGC’s 8th anniversary. All students and staff gathered together on the afternoon of May 15th in order to celebrate with cake. We are grateful to our CEO, Board of Directors, donors and sponsors who have provided huge support since 2004. Your generosity has changed the lives of not only our students but also provided job opportunities to a group of Cambodian staff who are so proud to serve TGC.

Exotisimo Travel Agency 2nd Year Collaboration

Our gratitude to the Exotissimo Travel Agency continues after they employed Vutha, since they recently had their tourists donate some sports equipment and school supplies. Now TGC is involved in an exchange program with a French School in France. The students in France will be learning about Cambodia and the 2 students at the Global Child will learn about France through artwork, photos, and writing. The first round of portraits (drawn in art class), photos, and writing was sent in the beginning of the New Year.

Exotisimo Travel Agency

Student's Parents Training

On May 22nd parents of the children at TGC took part in our very successful Parent Training Day. Our morning lasted from 7:30-11:30, during which we promoted self-esteem, awareness and the importance of the children to their parents. We put great emphasis on the knowledge of self-awareness, and understanding that when children see adults they are likely to copy or follow their behavior. Parents need to approach their children with love and respect.

Student's Parents Training

Teachers at TGC covered the importance of parental contribution to healthy children's development, and explained why decisions need to be considered slowly and deliberately. We are grateful to our staff for organizing this event and to the manager of the Women's Resource Center for attending.

Soccer Team on the Go

soccerLast but not least, grades 6 and 7 are participating in a friendly football competition with twelve other schools from Siem Reap. Our first four games in May gave us a chance to have fun and meet new people, as well as improve our soccer for the next competition. Congratulations to group 3 for tying with Stepping Stones, there were some AWESOME goal saves!

Environmental Day

Environmental day was a great day to give back to our nearby community and teach our students about keeping their neighborhood clean. We walked up and down Angkor Villa Street, clearing the rubbish in front of the school from local businesses and commuters. We worked for two hours and picked up at least ten garbage bags of trash. It's not enjoyable having so much litter in front of your school, and we hope that we can spread the message to those who live around TGC and educate people that it is not acceptable to just dump your trash. We plan to have an environmental day once every month.

Fashion Show @ beau fou

The beau fou (Beautiful Crazy) 1st Fashion Show held on the 1st floor, located above Joe to Go restaurant in May was a resounding success and a great awareness raiser for TGC. The night was hosted by Sasha and co-ordinate by Kaylee, Xiao, Maddy and Nimol along with 11 volunteer expats and local models. Thanks to the effort of these ladies everyone had a lovely, artistic night. Drinks were provided by Under Construction and food by Joe to Go as eleven models strutted and posed with unique fashion pieces, from casual outfits to formal dresses, a collection from South East Asia featuring craft and accessories from Cambodia with a blend of Asian and Western designs. We hope to bring more fashion to Siem Reap city to gain a reputation for more then just our magnificent temples. Just a week before the fashion show, Phnom Penh Post, An English Local newspaper released a juicy article about the upcoming fashion show on the article of “Fashion on catwalk a shoes-in “ in Siem Reap Insider page . The night of the show the Boutique was packed full, with all tickets sold and people standing to watch!

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