Newsletter Spring 2011

Helmet Hook Paint Project

soccerOn the morning of May 7th 2011, the children of TGC grabbed their paint brushes, rolled up their sleeves, and brought their “A game” for the Helmet Hook Paint Project. Ratha, the President of the Oldest Class, took the initiative and responsibility for guiding the younger children in painting the helmet hook on the wall of the school building. Under his great leadership skills, these children worked diligently together to create a beautiful and colorful display. With smiles on their faces and paint all over their clothes, they cleaned up to enjoy some sweet beverages and tasty treats!

soccerLater in the afternoon, the children and educators took a bicycle ride to Road 60 where they played soccer, shuttlecock, and spent quality time together. For dinner, the children enjoyed a delicious roasted chicken thanks to our educator and chef, Sopha! After their satisfying meal, they spent the rest of the evening walking around, riding on the merry-go-round, playing bumper cars, and enjoying each other’s company.

Smile of Angkor

The staff and select students of TGC were kindly invited by ABC and Rice, a fellow Siem Reap NGO, to join their organization at Smile of Angkor for a special performance. The performance contained a variety of traditional dance, acrobatics, and different acts expressing the history of Cambodia. This special occasion was only offered to student council members—as recognition for their hard work and dedication to TGC. Thus, participation in this unique opportunity emphasized to all students the importance of working hard and the ensuing benefits in doing so. The kids had a wonderful time watching the beautiful dancers and seeing the amazing show.

  • Weekend trip to Tum Nup Barang

    After a delicious breakfast at the woodhouse, everyone packed up their bags and filled up their water bottles to get a ride on a Tuk Tuk heading to Tum Nup Barang, a French dam that was once used to create electricity. Today, this dam of Siem Reap is used by many Cambodian families and friends to enjoy. On this beautiful day, the TGC students and staff took the time to take a break from their busy schedules to unwind, relax, splash around in the water, and do some leisurely reading. This trip was a good reminder of how despite their hard work at The Global Child, these children should still find the time to exercise and enjoy their youth!

    The Global Child’s Seventh Anniversary

    AnniversaryAs new art and music programs have been instituted this year, we thought that the students taking these classes should have the opportunity to showcase their work and newfound talent in front of their families at a piano concert and art show. We had a wonderful turnout of many of the children’s family members, who were taken upstairs in the school to view a student gallery of recent artwork on display. The art curriculum thus far has covered still life, portraits & self-portraits, abstract, and landscapes. Afterward, everyone was invited outside to sit and watch 18 of our piano students play one or two songs on the piano. It was a wonderful event, and family members were clearly proud of and impressed by our talented performers and artists.

    AnniversaryTo start the celebration, Principal Dara explained some general information about TGC, the formation of the school, and its mission. Subsequently, Dara addressed the future aims and goals of The Global Child and then opened the floor to student speeches. Two students from each age group stood before staff and their fellow students to express their past experiences as children before coming to TGC and what their lives are like now as students at the school. This was also an opportune time for the children to express their personal aspirations and goals to their peers and teachers. In addition, the students discussed what they have learned during their time at TGC — how they have grown as students and as successful individuals. They discussed the improvements they have made, and the goals they intend to continue striding towards.

    The staff members were also given an opportunity to speak following the students’ speeches. The teachers ended the ceremony with words of inspiration—reminding their students of the importance and value of a good education, and the potential of their futures. The anniversary celebration was a very memorable day for everyone—bringing together all staff and students and reminding them of why they are all here together on this day… because of The Global Child.

    To maintain tradition, a cake and candles concluded the celebration. Everyone made their wishes as the candles were blown out — many wishing for the continued success of TGC.

    Current and Upcoming Activities

    Our ever popular football [soccer] program is still going strong! From five to six o’clock every Tuesday and Thursday, Marot and Piron, two of the older students, have taken it upon themselves to run practices and organize scrimmages with other organizations in the Siem Reap area. Their dedication, sportsmanship, and teamwork still remain high and the students look forward to the arrival of the two new Minerva Volunteers coming in July to pump them up for their next season!

    DancingAdditionally, traditional and modern Khmer dance is expected to be inserted into TGC’s curriculum! This new course is expected to take place once a week for two hours. TGC believes that the addition of this class will provide the children with an opportunity to explore other areas of study outside of the courses of the general education curriculum; to educate them on ways to express themselves through the art of dance, and explore other future career paths.

    TGC Needs Your Support

    We’ll need your help within the next month in order to keep the school running. A small donation goes a long way. To donate go to

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    Should you have any questions, or would like to discuss ways to help The Global Child, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Please join us in the fight to destroy the corruption, poverty and with held education in Cambodia. Please remember that Today’s Children are Tomorrow’s World.

    Warmest Regards,

    Judy Wheeler

    Board Chair, The Global Child

Each student receives counseling and financial support until they receive solid employment upon graduation