Newsletter September 2010

Academic Update

Throughout the month of August we saw a marked improvement in many of the students grades and general attitude toward learning. They are currently divided into seven groups, the ten younger girls are still taught as a group and the eight older students are taught either on their own or in pairs. This individual attention appears to be really helping. Several of the students who had struggled in the past improved on their monthly exams!

This month every student started an outside reading book. Each class, except for the youngest girls, is currently reading a different book based upon their English level. Harry Potter, Matilda, and the Cam Jansen series have been the most popular thus far. There has also been a new system for introducing new vocabulary words into the classroom. Each week each of the eight oldest students are given ten words, which they are to define for Monday night’s homework. The words are different, dependent upon the level of English of the students. They study the words over the course of the week and are encouraged to use them in the classroom and in written assignments. Finally on Friday they each take a vocabulary test and are rewarded for high marks. Enough ten out of tens and they can earn a trip for pizza or ice cream!

We also have a new part time teacher who is instructing most of the older students in grammar. Her name is Reaksmey (rexmay) and is currently studying for her masters at Build Bright University.


The student body recently voted and decided upon Sihanoukville as the destination of our end of the year trip. Sihanoukville is located in the southern part of Cambodia, along the coast. The children have been saving a small amount of their money each week in a collective fund for the trip. This is helping to responsibility for students’ hard work and dedication each week, and attaching a sense of personal contribution to an exciting final reward. Everyone will feel as though they have made it possible. We will travel down during April for about a week with our students, staff, and volunteers. Everyone is looking forward to what is bound to be a fun and well-deserved trip.

Arts and Crafts

On Saturday afternoons the children have been taking part in various arts and crafts activities at the wood house. They have enjoyed days of making friendship bracelets, face painting, and drawing. They took part in a nighttime activity of delicious s’more making, with the final products immediately devoured and enjoyed by all. The students also have created a beautiful sign composed of individually decorated squares of paper that together reads “The Global Child”. We are in the process of assembling a board of student artwork in the school to showcase many of their strong artistic abilities for everyone to see.

Baray Trip

On Sunday, August 21st, we took a trip to Baray, a lake nearby to go swimming. The kids enjoyed a full day of swimming, games, and playing in the water. Marco Polo, handstands, and water balloon tosses were a few of the many activities that filled these hours of water fun. We brought food to grill for lunch and afterwards, everyone read and relaxed in the hammocks along the shore. It was an extremely fun and memorable day.

Photography Fashion Shoot

On August 15th, Bart Marcy invited the older boys to explore their artistic creativity by renting out a small photography studio in town. The boys took on the roles of directors, and worked together to produce a fun and creative photo shoot using different backgrounds and props. They had a great time working together and were excited to get to see the final products of the day

Awards Ceremony

On August 7th, an end of the school year Awards Ceremony was held outside of the wood house. Parents of the students were invited to come be a part of the celebration. Speeches were given to the parents and students, and two of TGC students, Pisey and Sari, translated speeches for the parents in attendance. Awards such as new backpacks and flash drives were given to the top students of this academic year, and everyone enjoyed some snacks and refreshments afterwards.

JTG Update

The staff at Joe to Go has recently started taking English classes every day with our volunteer teachers at The Global Child in order to increase the quality of service and interaction with western customers. They have all been extremely enthusiastic about getting better at the language, increasing vocabulary, as well as explaining all aspects of The Global Child and the boutique upstairs to customers. There are also some beautiful new photographs adorning the walls of the café, taken by Bart Marcy, which are available for sale. Joe to Go will soon be featured in a display in town in regards to responsible tourism and “eating and shopping with a cause”. Photographs of the food, café, and boutique will be displayed to attract tourists who want to support a good cause while they are in the area. The boutique above Joe to Go has a new name, Beau Fou, crazy beautiful in French. We are currently re-evaluating a lot of the merchandise in Beau Fou and will soon be adding a clothing line that bears the Beau Fou name. The clothes will be made entirely by local artisans and seamstresses. We have a few pieces thus far and are in the process of procuring fabric and designing others. Additionally the boutique has seen some cosmetic changes including some new paint and new furniture. We are hoping to make more changes in the coming months so that we can better attract customers. We are also considering having a larger event once the new clothing line is open and the store has been touched up!

Student Work

This month we have a new addition to the newsletter, a piece of work from a Global Child student. The following essay was written by Pisey on her most recent English exam. She was asked to describe an adventure, real or imaginary, and incorporate her vocabulary words. After the exam we went over a few of her grammatical mistakes and she made corrections to create the final essay you see below.

My Adventure in the Amazon Forest

My name is Pisey Seth, I am 19-years-old. I was born in Battambong province, Cambodia. Nowadays, I study at Build Bright University and The Global Child organization. When I was young, I always hope to go on an adventure, but I did not have the chance. However, one day this thing happened to me which I will never forget and which I never could have dreamt of too. I went on an excursion to the Amazon forest in South America. I went to South America by airplane, then I took a car to the Amazon forest. I went there with my younger sister, when we arrived there it was still daytime. The forest looked very beautiful and full of colorful and green plants. We saw many wonderful flowers and animals.

We were so excited for our first time in the Amazon forest. Because we were so interested, we walked and walked in to the middle of the forest when horrible things happened to us. We were very scared being in the thick forest and we couldn’t find the way back to where we first arrived. We saw many monstrous and bizarre animals fighting for food, so we ran away. We then were chased by meat-eating plants. Their petals were very large, so large that they could hold a hundred people, so we ran again. We ran until we met a small tribe, which lived together in the forest, at that time we were so dumbfounded, we did not know what to do. We couldn’t speak to them and couldn’t understand their language. When they saw us, they tried to kill us for food, but unfortunately for them, they couldn’t get us. I didn’t know how we escaped from them, but I just remembered that five fingers slapped my cheek slightly. I then realized that I was dreaming, and that the fingers were my mother’s. She told me that she had heard I was screaming loudly, so she came and woke me up. At that time, I hugged my mother and told her what was in my dream. She then told me to go back to sleep because tomorrow I had an early class. She also asked me not to worry about the dream, “it’s just a nightmare,” she said. So then I went back to sleep, but I still thought about it, although it was a nightmare, but I still hope that I could have an adventure experience in my life. So if you dream, what do you usually dream of? Do you like to dream?