Meet the Team

  • Dara Heng — Principal

    The school Principal serves as the educational leader, responsible for managing the policies, regulations, and procedures for The Global Child to ensure that all students are provided a learning environment that meets the school’s mission and approved curriculum. To achieve academic excellence, the Principal works collaboratively with other school members to plan the curriculum and implement effective programs.

    Dara Heng — Principal
  • Nimol Pong — Business Director

    The Business Director is in charge of preparing divisional financial statements and other corporate information and takes a lead role in monitoring all financial accounts. She also works closely with accountants to determine annual budget planning, tracks all expenses, prioritizes accounts payable, prepares development proposals, manages business development strategy, provides leadership, guidance and training for the sales and business staffs.

    Nimol Pong
  • Sopha Heng— Education Officer

    The Education Officer works with the Principal to guide and oversee the development of all aspects of the curriculum, using the most effective teaching methodologies that meet high educational standards. In addition, he functions as a teacher for most Khmer subjects and also assists in developing student evaluations, ensuring internal regulations and submitting educational reports.

    Sopha Heng
  • Chhaylon Kheang — Khmer Subject Teacher

    The full-time Khmer teacher works with many of our younger students at the Global Child. Chhaylon is responsible for teaching Practical Science, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. In addition, Chhaylon teaches morality, which focuses on teaching the kids the proper behaviour and etiquette, and she teaches sewing which provides important vocational skills to our students.

    Chhaylon Kheang
  • • Chhai Lim Ung — Accountant/Administrator

    The Accountant/Administrator is responsible for accounting and administrative management for the school and its revenue-producing café and boutique, Joe-to-Go. She coordinates financial transactions and works with the Business Director to ensure accurate and timely financial management.

    Chhai Lim Ung
  • • Cheng Lim Kouy — Cook

    The Cook, who has been with The Global Child from its founding, is responsible for all the high quality food prepared and served to all students and staff at the school. Mum Lin also provides ongoing support and encouragement for the students and helps ensure their safety and happiness.

    Cheng Lim Kouy
  • • Mot Pov — House Mother and Gardener

    The House Mother/Gardener is responsible for the beauty, cleanliness and safety of the school and supervises the students who assist her in caring for the building and grounds. Mum Pov also acts as a housemother and gardener.

    Business Staff

    Mot Pov
  • Sophea Meas — Part-time Cook

    The part-time cook mainly responsible for cooking breakfast for the customers.

    Sophea Meas
  • Chamroune Sing — Full-time Cook

    Primarily works as the evening cook at Joe-to-Go and is reponsible for preparing the diverse and delicious meals for the cafe. She also acts as a server and cashier when needed, and purchases food products in the evening to help stock the restaurant for the following day.

    Chamroune Sing
  • Doung Munn — Cook

    Is another one of our excellent cooks at Joe-to-Go, she comes from another NGO in Siem Reap and was trained at Paul Debrule in pastry and bakery.

    Doung Munn
  • Veasna Pov — Service/Maintainer

    The Server/Maintenance Professional provides customer service to café visitors and assists in keeping the building clean and attractive.

    Veasna Pov
  • Ry Mot — Purchaser/Boutique clerk

    She works in nearly all aspect of the café. She is a server, purchaser, cashier, and cook. Primarily, Ry works as a server/cashier/purchaser—providing great customer service to café and boutique visitors as well as purchasing food and other supplies at the market and local grocery stores. In addition, Ry assists the cooks in the kitchen when needed.

    Ry Mot
  • Vannara Ro — The server/cashier

    Provides professional, friendly and efficient customer service to café visitors.

    Vanessa Roo
  • Rena Ley — The boutique clerk

    Assists all customers that enter the upstairs boutique of Joe-to-Go. In addition, she is responsible for sorting all of the clothes, jewelry and merchandise within the store to maintain a clean and welcoming atmosphere for our customers.

    Rena Ley