Newsletter March 2011

Karate Competition

Five of our students were recently selected to compete in a Karate competition held in Phnom Penh. Almost all of our students partake in Karate lessons at the woodhouse every Sunday with a trained instructor, and their dedication and interest in the sport has been wonderful to watch grow.

There were more than 200 kids who participated in the competition. Marot, one of our older boys competed in the individual competitions. On day 1 he won three rounds, and overall ended up with a second place award! For the team competitions, our team of three of our girls made it into the finals and ended up with a second place award as well!

Principal Dara accompanied the kids to Phnom Penh for the competition and kept us updated throughout the course of the weekend. We are so proud of them all.

Giant Puppet Parade

TGC participated in Siem Reap's Giant Puppet Parade this year! We led the Kouprey, an animal that is currently on the verge of extinction in Cambodia. The Giant Puppet Parade is put on by a group of volunteers from all over the world, and involves many of the NGO's in town. Each of the puppets represents a social or cultural issue pertaining to the area. Some others included a car for road safety awareness, a five-headed snake, a giant, and a goddess. The kids took part in two days of workshops to build the frame and then decorated our puppet from the ground up. They enjoyed every minute of it, especially when they proudly walked it throughout downtown Siem Reap and along the river on parade night!

  • Soccer

    soccerOur soccer league season has now come to an end, and while our two TGC teams did not have the most victorious of records, our spirits and energy were not dampened in the least. The kids showed tremendous effort, dedication, and team spirit during the season. They showed incredible improvement, both in their soccer skills, as well as their sportsmanship and teamwork. We always had a stellar cheerleading section of fellow classmates stationed at the sidelines of each game. Our kids also had the chance to meet and interact with many other students in various NGOs and schools in town. We are still continuing our evening practices after school, and are looking forward to the start of the next season!

    We are very proud and excited to announce that at least until the arrival of our new Minerva Fellow volunteers in July, Piron and Marot will run the football program! They will organize and run practices, be responsible for equipment and help organize a couple scrimmages with other interested organizations.

    • Piano Concert & Art Show

      Piano ClassAs new art and music programs have been instituted this year, we thought that the students taking these classes should have the opportunity to showcase their work and newfound talent in front of their families at a piano concert and art show. We had a wonderful turnout of many of the children’s family members, who were taken upstairs in the school to view a student gallery of recent artwork on display. The art curriculum thus far has covered still life, portraits & self-portraits, abstract, and landscapes. Afterward, everyone was invited outside to sit and watch 18 of our piano students play one or two songs on the piano. It was a wonderful event, and family members were clearly proud of and impressed by our talented performers and artists.

      Outside Reading

      Our outside reading program has been incredibly successful, with several classes finishing off books this month. Piron just finished James and the Giant Peach, Marot and Numhearng finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Pisey devoured the fourth Harry Potter and is already on to the fifth, Ratha read Stuart Little and Chamreoun loved Ramona and Beezus. For most students this was their second or third book of the year, and for others it was their 5th or 6th! Roald Dahl is definitely a favorite, as is J. K. Rowling, and of course the wonderful adapted movies that we always watch when a student finishes a book!

      • Art show
      • Joe to Go/Beau Fou

        Joe to Go has some new changes this month, most importantly a new updated menu. We are adding a couple dozen new items as well as having them printed in a new upscale format. Highlights include doughnuts, apple cinnamon pancakes, Thai chicken salad, homemade pesto chicken sandwich, and crepes! We also have three new displays downstairs, connecting the boutique with the café and school.

        Things are also changing in Beau Fou with a new label design, advertisements and products. We are starting to begin the transition to all Cambodian products, starting some beautiful scarves from a lovely local co-op. Finally Joe to Go remains #6 on Trip Advisor and a recent customer survey showed that more and more people are finding out about the café from Trip Advisor. If you have yet to write a comment please add one at your convenience. Additionally that same customer survey showed that people’s favorite thing about Joe to Go is our staff (almost all 5’s), so congratulations to them!

        Judy Wheeler
        The Global Child

Each student receives counseling and financial support until they receive solid employment upon graduation