Newsletter December 2010


We could not have anticipated in 2004 that we would have made so much progress at The Global Child. With two of our graduates in college and one in hotel management school we are proud to have these outstanding students as role models for the entire student body

Our updated web site is up. We are very grateful to John Lalor for his outstanding work and 100% donated effort for this web makeover. It is through support like this that TGC continues to thrive. We do need your donations to keep going and we know you will enjoy the following update.

School Update

New School CouncilWe are have now instituted a brand new Student Council at The Global Child! The students were informed of this new opportunity for them to have a hands-on role in their school and education, have a venue to voice their opinions and ideas for their school, and to be a part of a collective team. As part of the election process, we took nominations, followed by a week of campaigning and speeches, and ended with an election of a student body President, as well as a President and Vice President for each of the three “classes” of students. Pisey was elected as our student body President. Ratha, Srey Keow, and Young Chi will be serving as each of our class Presidents, and Marot, Sophan, and Rahdy were elected as class Vice Presidents. These class leaders will take an active role in planning activities for their class, listening to ideas, suggestions, and problems that are brought to them by their fellow classmates, and present them at monthly meetings to our principal, business manager, and two volunteer “academic advisors”. We are excited for our students to have more of an active role in the decision-making at the school and for them to feel as if their opinions and ideas are always being heard and taken seriously.

Arts and Crafts

Piano ClassOur Minerva volunteers from Union College, Kate Murphy and Elizabeth Osborne, have been very busy and effective leaders at TGC. We are excited to be offering two new classes at TGC to our students as a venue to explore their artistic creativity. Chhalyon, one of our Khmer teachers at TGC has recently started up a sewing class for the students to learn sewing and knitting. Some of the projects that they will be working on involve sewing and knitting handkerchiefs, pillowcases, as well as clothing. This skill is extremely valuable one to have, and will benefit them in many ways. In the future, they will be able to save money as they can mend their clothing, as well as eventually sew their own clothing. The kids have been very excited about this new class, and we are thrilled to be able to instill such a valuable skill upon them. Piano classes have also recently been started up by Elizabeth. Open sign-ups were held for all of the students who were interested, and there are currently nineteen students participating in weekly one-hour classes. We are using the two keyboards at the school, and are learning how to read music, beginning theory, and learning some exciting new beginner pieces. We are hoping to have a recital in April and invite all of the students’ parents to hear them play a song of their choice and showcase their new talents! We also have a short minicourse on film being taught by a visiting volunteer named Adi. The older students are all learning the history of film and soon the whole school will collaborate to make a short music video! Adi has also been working on a documentary while here at TGC and we all anxiously await its completion.


Now that the rain has stopped and the fields have dried, we have begun our soccer practices once again! We have been holding practices three days a week after school, and it has been great to see the enthusiasm and excitement our students have for participating in these games. The Global Child will comprise two teams in the soccer league this year, and will be starting up league games beginning in early January. We are hoping to defend last year’s title as “Most Improved Team“, and add a few more wins to our record!

  • Joe-to-Go

    We have recently made some changes to Joe to Go in hopes to further boost sales and productivity. We have added some delicious new additions to the menu, including brand new breakfast items like our warm French toast, tasty new appetizers such as homemade hummus, bruchetta, mango salsa, as well as a new crisp apple salad, and more! We are also now baking warm homemade cookies as part of our new dessert menu, in hopes to create the best cookies in Siem Reap. So far our new items have been selling extremely well, and the staff has done a wonderful job learning and perfecting these new tasty treats. We have also made some changes to the interior décor and are continuing to do so, with new paint and lighting, to truly showcase the friendly, and relaxed atmosphere that exists inside the café and boutique. We continue to teach the staff English and we are seeing a marked improvement in their communication skills and their confidence in their English.

    One of our long standing supporters, Bart Marcy, has donated some of his outstanding photos for reproduction. They are printed on a high quality canvas and are now for sale in the boutique at Joe-To-Go. We will also have these available for sale in the states soon.

    • Leadership

      Our oldest kids continue to lead TGC with confidence. Pisey, Ratha, Marot, Numhearng and Chamroun all participate in our mentoring program, instructing their younger peers in English. Pisey continues to amaze the staff with her devotion to learning. She devoured the first three Harry Potters and has now moved on to the fourth, though she is a little intimidated by its size! Ratha continues at University and has started some teaching of his own, instructing our grade 6 class on computers. Vutha is hard at work at Paul de Bruel but participates in extracurricular activities when he can, using our volunteers cameras to capture our events with his wonderful photographic talents. Piron continues to make us all laugh and will in fact be putting his theatrical talents to good use this holiday season in the NYIS singing talent show. Marot has become an amazing role model for our three youngest boys, especially on the soccer field. Numhearng continues to show the same level of devotion to her mentoring class, preparing assignments weeks in advance. A chocolate lover, she is also very excited about our new book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Chamroun has become quite the English trendsetter here at TGC, popularizing words like weird, crazy and ridiculous. She will also be joining Piron in the singing contest!

      All of the older kids have taken our sunflower growing contest very seriously. After a strong windstorm took out a few flowers, the captains quickly replanted and we now have a couple flowers that have grown over the heads of their team captains! This competition was designed to illustrate the concept of perpetual giving and in that spirit we are preparing to harvest a few flowers, then the students will be given the seeds to replant or distribute them amongst their village!

      The first six weeks of our newly instituted “Word Wars” vocabulary competition has come to a close! The “Word Wizards”, our competitors, consisted of five of our oldest students: Pisey, Marot, Numhearng, Chamroun, and Piron. They were given a list of ten vocabulary words for the past six weeks each Monday, and spent the week practicing and studying for their Friday quizzes. The competitors put in a resilient effort, and took the weekly Friday quizzes very seriously. The final scores were extremely close. Our Six Week Sorcerer, and first place contender was Pisey! This was followed by second place going to Numhearng, and third place being awarded to Chamroun. We are continuing with the second leg of the competition now, to see if anyone can challenge Pisey for her current standing in six more weeks!

      As you have seen we remain excited to see our students make so much progress. We do need your help to keep this outstanding school going. We would also appreciate your effort to share this news letter with your friends and family.

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